About Me

Hi, I'm Topher. I started to learn guitar at the age of 11 after hearing the Dire Straits song 'Money For Nothing'. I wanted to make everyone else feel the way I did when I heard that guitar kick in. At an early age I was influenced by what my parents were listening to. A lot of blues artists, pop and country music as well. As soon as I was playing guitar, I was recording, thanks to my father's interest in it. There were always tape machines and mixing desks around that I could utilise to master vital techniqes. I found that recording was an integral part of the way I interact with music.

We soon opened a small personal/commercial recording studio in the village where I lived, Barwick-In-Elmet. There I was recording and mixing for bands and artists such as Corinne Bailey Rae. While adding my session guitar skills onto various clients tracks, when needed. It was during this time that I really cut my teeth tracking instruments, everything from string ensembles to brass sections.

I now have a small home mixing studio where I also record as a session guitarist.