Session Guitar

When it comes to session guitar playing, for me, it's all about serving the song. Whatever the style, I pride myself on being able to hear exactly what the song needs and deliver that in a very tasteful way. As soon as I could play the guitar, I was recording - a discipline I learnt early on. I'm equally at home on acoustic or electric guitar. Whether it be intricate acoustic finger picking, electrified country licks, a heavy rock solo or authentic blues slide I have every style covered.

I can record guitar parts at my home studio or travel to sessions elsewhere, as needed. My own studio has custom made acoustic baffles and treatment creating a wonderful acoustic sounding environment. My (usual) recording chain is on electric guitar cabs a Royer R-101 and a Sure SM57 microphone, on acoustic guitar a vintage 1970s AKG 414, going into a Summit Audio valve pre-amp and Apogee A/D converters straight into Pro Tools.

On this page you can find my guitar gear and a selection of audio samples and videos.

If you would like to hire me for a session please go to my Contact Page and fill in the form. We can then discuss requirements and rates.


Guitars and Amps

- Fender Stratocaster (John mayer Sig) with Big Dipper pick-ups.

- Gibson 335 Reissue

- Fender Telecaster USA standard with Danny Gatton pick-ups.

- Vintage biscuit resonator

- Epiphone Mandolin

- Ralph Bown hand made OM steel string acoustic

- Fender Tremolux (Eric Clapton Model)

- Two Rock studio pro 50